# The Vuetify roadmap

Vuetify is always under development. We are constantly working towards improving the existing codebase, as well as adding new features and functionality that help make building applications even easier. Below is a tentative list of planned features. This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change at any time without notice.

# In Development

The following releases are currently under development:

# v3.0 (Titan)

  • Target Release: Q1 2021
  • Alpha: Q4 2020
  • Overview: The entire framework will be converted to the new composition api coming in Vue 3. Details of this conversion process are outlined in our v3 Notion Board along with information about release schedules, proposed new functionality and more. Vuetify 3 is being developed with the pre-releases (alpha/beta) of Vue 3 and is expected to release shortly after the next Vue version is officially released. Due to this, the target release quarter is variable and will change according to the progress of Vue 3.
  • Objectives:
  • Create a set of guidelines for how Vuetify 3 will be developed, iterated on and released—v3 Notion Board
  • Rebuild the framework using Vue 3 and the composition api
  • Improve framework performance
  • Enhance Typescript support with Vue 3; updated typings
  • Make it easier to unit test, no global setup required
  • Restructure the framework core to support custom services
  • Update the Documentation with improved examples and more information

# Long-term support (LTS)

The following versions have continued maintenance for backwards compatible fixes, major bugs, and security vulnerabilities. More information is located on the Long-term support page.

# v1.5

  • Released: February 2019
  • Support until: August 1st, 2020
  • Notes:: v1.5 Release
  • Overview: Added new component, v-calendar. Improved functionality of v-sparkline with new bar and fill properties. Improved v-treeview and prepared for LTS. Navigate to the Long-term Support Page for more information on LTS.

# Released

The following are the already released minor and major version updates. Find more information on the latest releases on GitHub.

# v2.3 (Liberator)

  • Released: June 2020
  • Notes:: v2.3 Release
  • Overview: The v2.3 release was dropped earlier in the year to focus on v3 development but was revived when COVID-19 showed up. This release is packed full of quality of life changes, new features such as the v-virtual-scroll component, responsive typography css classes.
  • Objectives:
  • Add new css helper classes for text-decoration, border-radius, typography, and more.
  • Add new v-virtual-scroll component
  • Improve Date Pickers, Data Tables, and Calendars
  • Harden framework in preparation for LTS version

# v2.2 (Tigris)

  • Released: January 2020
  • Notes:: v2.2 Release
  • Overview: The introduction of Vuetify Presets. Will include the entire Material Design Studies collection and be user customizable. Will streamline the process for altering the default styles for the framework. Thousands of SASS variables will be added and a lookup tree for finding those variables will put into the documentation. For more information on Google’s studies, please navigate here.
  • Objectives:
  • Add thousands of new SASS variables
  • Create a new Vuetify Service for bootstrapping pre-configured framework options; Preset
  • Create presets for the official Material Design Studies
  • Add new features and improve code styling of v-badge
  • Add new features and improve code styling of v-expansion-panels
  • new v-theme-provider component

# v2.1 (Vanguard)

  • Released: October 2019
  • Notes:: v2.1 Release
  • Overview: A maintenance cycle to work on bugs from the v2.0 release. This includes performance issues, incorrect or missing a11y, RTL, regressions and general fixes. This will allow the team to catch up on the backlog of tasks that have accumulated over the 8 month development cycle of the previous release.
  • Objectives:
  • Add new components
  • v-lazy
  • `v-skeleton-loader
  • Add new directives
  • v-intersect
  • v-mutate
  • Add lazy loading support for v-img

# v2.0 (Arcadia)

  • Released: July 2019
  • Notes:: v2.0 Release
  • Overview: A complete rebuild of the framework core. Improving the layout and theme systems, platform integration, accessibility, RTL and performance. Update all components to the Material Design 2 specification. Add additional functionality to multiple existing components and setup v1.5 for Long-term Support.
  • Objectives:
  • Add new components
  • v-app-bar
  • v-banner
  • v-chip-group
  • v-color-picker
  • v-file-input
  • v-list-item-group
  • v-overlay
  • v-simple-table
  • v-slide-group
  • Complete update to Material Design 2
  • Convert from Javascript to Typescript
  • Convert from Stylus to Sass
  • Convert from avoriaz to vue-test-utils

# Archived

The following releases are old and unsupported minor and major versions:

# v1.4

  • Released: December 2018
  • Notes:: v1.4 Release
  • Overview: Added new components v-sparkline and abstracted v-toolbar's functionality into multiple components for easier maintainability and testing. Rebuilt the entire documentation to make it easier for contributors and maintenance from the team.

# v1.3

  • Released: December 2018
  • Notes:: v1.3 Release
  • Overview: Added new components, v-treeview, v-timeline and v-item-group. Unified the interfaces used in v-tabs and v-carousel. Improved the vuetify-loader to support effortless application tree-shaking of Vuetify components.

# v1.2

  • Released: October 2018
  • Notes:: v1.2 Release
  • Overview: Added new components, v-img, v-rating and v-hover. Improved theme propagation system and expanded the functionality of the colors used with components such as HEX and RGBA. Als added numerous new locales.

# v1.1

  • Released: July 2018
  • Notes:: v1.1 Release
  • Overview: A complete rebuild of all form functionality including all inputs and selection controls. Abstracted features from components like v-select into new implementations, v-autocomplete, v-combobox for more scoped functionality and easier testing. This release also marked the first official support of RTL languages.

# v1.0

  • Released: February 2018
  • Notes:: v1.0 Release
  • Overview: The official v1.0 release party. After 18 months and Kael’s sanity, we rolled into our first MAJOR release. This included a multitude of brand new components, features and functionality.

# Alpha release

  • Released: December 2016
  • Overview: Vuetify is officially announced to the public. The framework initially shipped with 40 components and came in at a whopping 46kb.

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