Long-term support

Bug fixes and security patches for 18 months on older versions of Vuetify

We understand that many projects that utilize Vuetify have development cycles that prevent upgrading to the latest version. In order to provide developers and businesses peace of mind when adopting Vuetify, we commit to at minimum of 18 months for critical bugs and security vulnerabilities for the latest minor of the last major release.

VersionStatusInitial Release DateLTS Start DateLTS End Date
Vuetify 3.x🚀 Active DevelopmentNovember 1st, 2022N/AN/A
Vuetify 2.x🛠️ MaintenanceJuly 23rd, 2019Pending 2.7 releaseN/A
Vuetify 1.5📦 ArchivedFebrurary 5th, 2019July 31st, 2019July 31st, 2020

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