Upgrade Guide


This page contains a detailed list of breaking changes and the steps required to upgrade your application to Vuetify 3.0 Many of these changes can be applied automatically by eslint-plugin-vuetify


  • Vuetify class removed, use createVuetify function

const vuetify = new Vuetify({ ... })

const app = new Vue({
const app = createVue()

const vuetify = createVuetify({ ... })

  • import ... from 'vuetify' is now a-la-carte, import 'vuetify/dist/vuetify.js' instead to get the complete bundle (not recommended).
  • 'vuetify/lib' should no longer be used, change to 'vuetify' / 'vuetify/components' / 'vuetify/directives' as appropriate.
  • Only component styles are included, global styles must be imported separately from 'vuetify/styles'.
  • vuetify-loader has been renamed to webpack-plugin-vuetify, and we also have a new plugin for vite vite-plugin-vuetify.




  • Multiple themes are now supported, so light / dark props have been removed from components. Use v-theme-provider to set the theme for a specific component tree.
  • Theme colors set their foreground text color automatically, if you were using light / dark to get a different text color you probably don’t need it anymore.
  • The variant naming scheme has changed slightly, it is now a single word instead of two. For example, primary darken-1 is now primary-darken-1.
  • Color classes have been renamed:
    • Backgrounds have a bg- prefix, for example .primary is now .bg-primary.
    • Text colors have a text- prefix, for example .primary--text is now .text-primary.
    • Variants are no longer a separate class, for example .primary--text.text--darken-1 is now .text-primary-darken-1.
  • The theme system now uses CSS variables internally, so customProperties is no longer required.
    • If you were using customProperties in v2, the naming scheme has changed from --v-primary-base to --v-theme-primary.
    • Custom properties are now also an rgb list instead of hex so rgb() or rgba() must be used to access them, for example color: rgb(var(--v-theme-primary)) instead of color: var(--v-primary-base).


General changes

  • value prop has been replaced by model-value on components that support v-model usage.
  • @input event has been replaced by @update:model-value on components that support v-model usage.
  • left and right have been replaced by start and end respectively. This applies to utility classes too, for example .border-r is now .border-e.
  • Size props small / medium / large etc. have been combined into a single size prop.
  • absolute and fixed props have been combined into a single position prop.
  • top / bottom / left / right props have been combined into a single location prop.
  • background-color prop has been renamed to bg-color.

Input components

  • Affix slots are consistent now:
    • prepend and prepend-inner are the same.
    • append has been renamed to append-inner.
    • append-outer has been renamed to append.
  • Variant props filled/outlined/solo have been combined into a single variant prop.
    • Allowed values are 'underlined', 'outlined', 'filled', 'solo', or 'plain'.
  • success and success-messages props have been removed.
  • validate-on-blur prop has been renamed to validate-on="blur".


  • border prop values left and right have been renamed to start and end.
  • colored-border prop has been renamed to border-color.
  • dismissable prop has been renamed to closable.
  • outlined and text props have been combined into a single variant prop.
    • Allowed values are 'elevated', 'flat', 'tonal', 'outlined', 'text', or 'plain'.
  • text prop has new purpose. It represents the text content of the alert, if default slot is not used.


  • active-class prop has been renamed to selected-class.
  • fab is no longer supported.
  • flat / outlined / text / plain props have been combined into a single variant prop.
  • depressed has been renamed to variant="flat".
  • retain-focus-on-click has been removed, buttons use :focus-visible instead.


  • input-value prop has been renamed to model-value.
  • on-icon and off-icon props have been renamed to true-icon and false-icon.
  • on-value and off-value props have been renamed to true-value and false-value.


  • v-model values not present in items will now be rendered instead of being ignored.
  • cache-items prop has been removed, caching should be handled externally.
  • item-text has been renamed to item-title, and now looks up the title property on item objects by default. value is unchanged.
  • item-disabled has been removed, and disabled, header, divider, and avatar properties are ignored on item objects.
    • Additional props to pass to v-list-item can be specified with the item-props prop. item-props can be a function that takes the item object and returns an object of props, or set to boolean true to spread item objects directly as props.
  • The item object in slots is now an InternalItem object, the original item object is available as item.raw.
  • The item slot will no longer generate a v-list-item component automatically, instead a props object is supplied with the required event listeners and props:
  <template #item="{ props }">
    <v-list-item v-bind="props"></v-list-item>
  • The chip slot should be used instead of selection if the chips prop is set, this will provide some default values to the chips automatically.
  • Non-multiple combobox will now update its model as you type (like a text field) instead of only on blur.


  • ticks has been renamed to show-ticks.
  • tick-labels has been renamed to ticks.
  • vertical has been renamed to direction="vertical".

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