Get started with Vuetify 3

Get started with Vuetify, the world’s most popular Vue.js framework for building feature rich, blazing fast applications.


To get started with Vuetify 3, simply paste the following code into your terminal:

yarn create vuetify

This command prompts you with a few options before generating your scaffolded Vue / Vuetify 3 project.

success Installed "create-vuetify@x.x.x" with binaries:
    - create-vuetify

? Project name: ❯ vuetify-project // the folder to generate your application
? Use TypeScript?: ❯ No / Yes
? Would you like to install dependencies with yarn, npm, or pnpm?:
  ❯ yarn

After making your selections, vuetify-create will generate the structure for your new application.

Once the scaffold is complete, start the vite development server by running the following commands:

cd vuetify-project
yarn dev

For more information regarding supported package managers, please visit their official websites:


Vue 3 has no way to automatically detect if SSR is used — so nuxt, gridsome, and other SSR frameworks must manually set the ssr option to true in order to properly render the application.

import '@mdi/font/css/materialdesignicons.css'
import 'vuetify/styles'

const vuetify = createVuetify({
  ssr: true,


Vue CLI is currently in maintenance mode and no longer the default tooling used to build Vue applications. Vuetify projects are now generated using vite. We plan on enabling the Vue CLI installation path in an official guide in the future.

Manual steps

Follow these steps if for example you are adding Vuetify to an existing project, or simply do not want to use a scaffolding tool.

yarn add vuetify@^3.1.0

In the file where you create the Vue application, add the following code

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'

// Vuetify
import 'vuetify/styles'
import { createVuetify } from 'vuetify'
import * as components from 'vuetify/components'
import * as directives from 'vuetify/directives'

const vuetify = createVuetify({


This will include all components and directives regardless of whether or not you are using them. If you instead only want to include used components, have a look at the Vite or Webpack plugins, depending on your setup. The plugins also makes it possible to customize SCSS variables.

Lastly, do not forget to install icons.


We recommend using the latest version of Vuetify 3 from jsdelivr. All components and styles are included.

const { createApp } = Vue
const { createVuetify } = Vuetify

const vuetify = createVuetify()

const app = createApp()


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