Global configuration

Vuetify allows you to set default prop values globally or per component when setting up your application. Using this functionality you can for example disable ripple on all components, or set the default elevation for all sheets or buttons.


Use the defaults property of the Vuetify configuration object to set default prop values. Here we have disabled ripple for all components that support it, and set the default elevation to 4 for all <v-sheet> components.

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import { createVuetify } from 'vuetify'

export default createVuetify({
  defaults: {
    global: {
      ripple: false,
    VSheet: {
      elevation: 4,


When creating and mounting a component, Vuetify uses the following priority in determining which prop value to use:

  1. Value set as prop value to the component itself
  2. Value defined in component specific section of defaults configuration object
  3. Value defined in global section of defaults configuration object
  4. Value defined in the prop definition of the Vueitfy component itself.

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