The v-icon component provides a large set of glyphs to provide context to various aspects of your application. For a list of all available icons, visit the official Material Design Icons page.


Icons come in two themes (light and dark), and five different sizes (x-small, small, medium (default), large, and x-large).



Material Design

Material Design is also supported. For more information on how to install it please navigate here

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is also supported. Simply use the fa- prefixed icon name. Please note that you still need to include the Font Awesome icons in your project. For more information on how to install it, please navigate to the installation page


Using color helpers you can change the color of an icon from the standard dark and light themes.


Icons can be used inside of buttons to add emphasis to the action.


Binding any click event to v-icon will automatically change the cursor to a pointer.


You can manually import only the icons you use when using the @mdi/js package. If you want to use SVG icons with VIcon component, read about using them here.

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